easyDent Software for dental cabinets

easyDent Software for dental cabinets


easyDent is a program for dental cabinets. You can define many cabinets in the program and in every cabinet you can have many doctors. With the program you can manage your patients, the interventions made for a patient and the patients with liabilities. For every intervention you can set the price and the cost of the intervention, so you can see the profits in a time period. In the program you can configure for types of interventions, each intervention can be restricted to some doctors according to their specializations and toxicity authorization. The program can generate the electronic reports for CAS. The program has a scheduling section in which you ca easily program your pacients..

  • Same status on all teeth
    Same status on all teeth

    Left click on a tooth and automatically the tooth status will be set to the last selected status.

  • Pacient picture
    Pacient picture

    In the pacient listings window the user can attach an image of the pacient.

  • Tooth status history
    Tooth status history

    Posibility to see a tooth status history by selecting the history menu item from the dental image window.

  • Attached images
    Attached images

    Attach images to any consultation, rotate, sharpen and draw symbols on the image.

  • Doctor presentation and image
    Doctor presentation and image

    Doctor presentation text and image shared on our web page, with the possibility to rank the cabinet and its personnel.

  • Edit intervention cost
    Edit intervention cost

    By clicking the price field from the interventions window you can edit the price of the intervention for the selected client.

  • Schedule request visible in the application
    Schedule request visible in the application

    View the online schedule requests directly in your desktop application.

  • List medical recommendations
    List medical recommendations

    By clicking the list medical recomandations button from the interventions windows, the user will be prompted to chose the recomandations that will be listed and followed by the pacient.

  • Minimum consultation duration
    Minimum consultation duration

    In the configuration window, the user can set the minimum time amount that can be scheduled for a consultation.

  • Price offer header and footer
    Price offer header and footer

    The header and footer of the price offer can be customized with predefined text. This text can be changed in the settings window.

  • List the price offer
    List the price offer

    In the interventions window the user can list a price offer of all the non executed interventions, by clicking the list offer button.

  • Medical recommendations
    Medical recommendations

    For each threatement the user can define a list with the medical recommendations that the pacient will follow ftre the intervention.

  • Payments

    In the Payments section you can keep a history of the payments made by a client.

  • Scheduled backup
    Scheduled backup

    In the config window are three predefined backup schemes.Daily, weekly and monthly backups. .

  • Office working hours
    Office working hours

    Share your work hours and contact details on our website.

  • Multilingual site presentation
    Multilingual site presentation

    In the settings window the user can define the text presenting his dental cabinet in many languages. The user can also attach images presenting his dental office.

  • Office location
    Office location

    Locate your dental office on google map by specifying the location latitude and longitude.

  • Online cabinet presentation
    Online cabinet presentation

    You can have your own page on our eDentisti.ro web application. The pacients can program an appointment using our online application.

  • Change tooth status
    Change tooth status

    In the dental image window, right click on a tooth to get a list with the posible tooth statuses.