easyBackup File backup utility application

easyBackup File backup utility application


easyBackup is a little program that have to be installed on each computer from which you want to backup the files, on a file server or a share in the network. After installation you have configure them according to your necessity. You have to specify the directories which will be monitorized by the program, the file types that will be monitorized, the FTP server address or the share path and name where the file will be saved and les a job that will effectively copy the files. The program will keep the evidence in time of your files, so if you overwrite your files you will be able to backup a previous version of your file. The program have a multi language interface (Romania and English) and can make 3 type of backup that can be combined in time, to satisfy all your needs..

  • Backup software
    Backup software

    Backup you files easily to an FTP server or a shared network folder.

  • Define backup jobs
    Define backup jobs

    Schedule backup jobs that can be executed recursively or only one time. Send email alerts with jobs results.

  • Define folders to be scanned
    Define folders to be scanned

    Define the folders that will be scanned and monitored for changes. Define paths that will be excluded and not scanned for changes. By using this two features the user can easily define complex scanning configurations.

  • Compress files before backup
    Compress files before backup

    Compress all the files that are to be saved to the destination, protect compressed files with a password. Define backup points in form of an FTP connection..

  • Monitored folders activity
    Monitored folders activity

    View all the actions performed in time over all the files monitored from a folder.

  • Running jobs
    Running jobs

    Monitor currently running jobs activity. The user can see all the operations done by the currently running job.

  • Restore saved files
    Restore saved files

    Restore your currently saved files from the backup source to its original destination. The backup location will contain a snapshot of all the backups performed in time.